ARTIFICIAL - started as a plain idea. It wasn't a week before i started work on it, it was years. When i thought about such a project the first time i had barely started to explore terragen. My photoshop skills were far from good enough. I had only just started to manipulate my terragen renders, but already had big plans in mind. I think that a lot of aspiring artists have a lot of great visions but don’t know how to realize it. Good work needs a lot of time. With my level of skills rising, the invested time of work on projects became more and more too. I started working for print size and doubled the time i had to invest. In my latest artworks you can’t even see the fine details in wallpaper size. Most details work first on a good large print. So my bidding to all people that try to create art: Don’t rush! Give your art time to evolve. Look at artists like alyn or hameed. They don’t fire out artworks every week. They invest time. That’s what makes them true artists.

When i reached the level of skill needed to fulfill my plans i seriously started to think about how to realize my idea. My first try to create something that came close to the picture in my head, was pulsar dawn.
PULSAR DAWN - was the most important project to me back then. A lot of time went into it and the result is a wonderful futuristic scenery. It’s one of the hidden treasures at deviantart. The first step to a project named ‘artificial’. Except the beams, nothing in pulsar dawn was rendered. One of the heaviest manipulations. A short time later i was ready for artificial. I suddenly knew how the pic should look like. Even had a lot of details in mind. I could not realize all, but the most important. But before i could really start work on. I had to think about the buildings. I knew i could not create the buildings with photoshop alone. It worked fine in pulsar dawn but not with what i had in mind for artificial. My conclusion was that i had to create the basics for the buildings in terragen. I took a terrain i knew very well, already used it in another project, and started to manipulate the terrain in photoshop. That’s where i ‘modelled’ my buildings.
THE TIME - invested into the terrain modelling in photoshop was intense, since i always had to test render the terrain to look if everything renders as expected. So for every two steps forward i had to take one step back. Surely 10hrs of work went into the final terrain.