FINALE GRANDE - what began as a little idea in my head became one of the most complex pieces of art i ever did. With all the time invested. All the tears washed away. All the pain endured. Finally the result was what i expected. A wonderful, detailed and futuristic scenery that a lot of people can enjoy.

I hope this walkthrough was informative to everyone who read it. I tried to explain the most important things i encountered while the creation. That is hopefully a help for everyone who will try a similar project. I also hope this walkthrough can answer some of the questions i often get about how i create this and that.

I also hope the layout and design is ok and easy to follow for everyone.

The following lines will conclude this little walkthrough...


rendered with // terragen ver. 9.19
rendered resolution // 5000x3333
rendering time // 9 rendered pics - ca. 60 hours
render without post process // [] <- one of the 9 renders.
post process done in // photoshop
post process time // over a period of 6 weeks
total time invested // 2 months
total filesize // *.psd with a res. of 5000x3333 -> 305mb
total layers // ca. 400 in almost 70 folders (alyns layers [what i used] - 22 layers in 4 folders)
work folder size (includes everything project related) // 1,93gb / 100 files / 3 folders
photoshop psd loading time // 4-5 minutes
inspired by // sci-fi movies, ryan church, gary tongue statistics

ARTIFICIAL - submitted 30.05.2005 - frontpage hit after 6hrs with ca. 80 favourites - ca. 550 after 48hrs - 15.000 views after 48hrs - almost 27.000 views after 4 weeks - ca. 785 after 4 weeks.

For detail pictures of the most eyecatching elements of the pic check out here:

Check out alyns version of artificial:

To see the final results of the project check out -> art galleries -> terragen -> scroll to the bottom

If you would like the check out the terrain in terragen then try this:

Special thanks goes out to: alyn hunter (, #terragen (, hannah beeke (, my imagination, the digital art revolution and all the people that risked a look into the final piece!
Very special thanks to... you know who you are.